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Financial Plans

Plan for a Secure Retirement Future

To accommodate your financial goals and circumstances, our senior retirement community offers a choice of entrance fee plans. With all plans, you pay a one-time entrance fee to our faith-based community and an inclusive monthly service fee.

Traditional Plan

This plan is our non-refundable option and offers the lowest entrance fee for a specific residence. With the Traditional Plan, the entrance fee amortizes to a zero balance over the first 60 months of residency.

Estate Preservation Plans

These plans offer a refundable portion, regardless of the amount of time the senior living residence is occupied. Estate Preservation Plans require a larger payment up front, and many people feel they offer more value over time because the balance of the funds will be returned to residents or their estates.

  • Plan I — This plan offers a 50 percent refund of the entrance fee. Under Plan I, the entrance fee amortizes over the first 46 months of residency to a 50 percent refund balance, according to the terms and conditions of your residency agreement.
  • Plan II — This plan offers an 80 percent refund of the entrance fee. Under Plan II, the entrance fee amortizes over the first 16 months of residency to an 80 percent balance, according to the terms and conditions of your residency agreement.

Pricing FAQs

How much will my entrance fee be?

The fee varies depending on the residence and type of entrance plan you choose. In general, refundable plan costs are higher than the entrance fee for a traditional plan, but depending on your situation, it may offer more long-term value. We would be happy to discuss your options with you to help you decide which fee option makes sense for you. Contact us for specific details about entrance fees.

How much will my monthly service fee be?

The fee varies depending on the type and size of your residence, and on whether you live in our Residential Living, Assisted Living, Memory Support Care, or Skilled Care neighborhoods. If you’d like additional details about monthly fees, please contact us, and we can provide you with the exact costs for the specific residence in which you are interested.

What does my monthly service fee cover?

While your service fee covers many of your living needs, there are minor variations in coverage depending on the type of residence and level of care you choose. Please contact us for specific details about the services and amenities covered by the monthly service fee.

If my funds deplete, will I be asked to leave?

No. As long as you meet the eligibility requirements at move-in, abide by the rules and regulations of SpiriTrust Lutheran®, have not unethically spent down your funds, and maintain your eligibility for medical assistance and other third-party reimbursements, you will not be required to leave.

For more information on our entrance fee plans and current pricing, please contact us.

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